Friday, January 19, 2018

Yuyu Atiqa in Triang

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hai gais.
I'm back. Nothing much to be told.
I'm currently in Pahang, to be exact in Triang. Since I only have plus minus 2 weeks for my semester break before I start my internship, I decided to maximize my time for my loved ones.

So, here I am in Triang.

I was told by my sister, Aten, marissa which is my niece was infected by a virus infection. Whole body termasuk dalam mulut. First day, Marissa merengek tak nak minum susu because discomfort naik ulser dalam mulut. Allahu..

At first we thought it was HFMD but it's not. Even doctor pun tak dapat detect what virus is that.

Biji biji air pada betis Marissa

closed up

As for that, the whole family kena quarantine and Aten couldn't send Marissa and Ammar to nursery.

Since I'm going to start my internship very soon and I don't think I can come back often lagi dah, so I tell my parents, I want to go to Aten's place to help her taking care of Marissa and Ammar.

Inshaallah, I'll be here for a week and those days yang berbaki will spent it well with my parents.

What I want to stress here is, please guys..

Be present to your loved ones especially your family selagi you have time and chance to do so. You will never know what's going to happen in the future. So, manfaatkan kesempatan dan ruang yang ada sebaik mungkin.

Marissa is getting better, alhamdulillah. Please pray for Marissa Adelia binti Sayuti to fully recover from the infection and always be protected from bad things. Ameen..

Thank you Allah for a better life.
Alhamdulillah ala kullihal..

See you guys in my next post, inshaallah.

Lots of love,
Yuyu Atiqa ❤

♥ Salam ukhwah. Jazakallahukhairan. ♥

Thursday, January 18, 2018

yuyuatiqa di tahun 2018

Assalamualaikum gais.

Yes, kalau nak umpamakan bilik kosong yang kena tinggal, memang boleh kata bersawanglah blog ni. Kalau nak umpamakan besi yang dibiar berpanas berhujan, memang berkaratlah blog ni. Kalau nak umpamakan tebusan kena kurung, memang meninggal kebulur dah blog ni.

Maafkan yuyuatiqa yang sangat tidak konsisten update blog. It's been a year since my last post in this blog.

Inshaallah, let's hope this year 2018, I could spend more time to update this blog. Ameen.

So, what's my resolution for 2018?

Hahaha.. Tak terfikir sangat pun sebenarnya.
Cukuplah I learned from the past, be more matured, be a better me, put my family as my priority, taknak dendam, taknak melukakan dan dijauhkan dari dilukakan.

Inshaallah, 2018 is going to be a great year. ameen.
See you guys in my next post, inshaallah. 

Lots of love,
Yuyu Atiqa ❤

♥ Salam ukhwah. Jazakallahukhairan. ♥