Thursday, May 3, 2018

Internship Comes to an End

Assalamualaikum wbt

Sorry people, been missing in action and not updating any post on blog for the past two months.

Actually, I've been suffering from back pain since April until now. I had an appointment with orthopedist at Penang General Hospital few days ago and I was insisted to proceed with physiotherapy for 3 months. 

Haha! I expect I don't have to go through any physio or operation.. Yet anyhow, I believe this is the best plan Allah has prepared for me. Let's just proceed with physiotherapy then! haha

Well, guys!

TOMORROW is going to be my last day of internship. Oh Allah, how fast time flies, isn't it?

I seriously gonna miss every single people in my department especially SS and CL. 
I always joking around with them that I definitely gonna miss JY (one of our senior manager), a tall, fair and handsome guy. 

But the truth is, I am soooooooo gonna miss SS and CL. They are like sisters to me. They always checking on me when I was on leave due to my back pain problem, they always try their best to cheer me up whenever I turn into a silencer. 

I felt thankful to have them guiding me throughout my internship journey. 

Now, road to graduation.. :)

Till next time,


♥ Salam ukhwah. Jazakallahukhairan. ♥

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