Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Such a Nice Art from Lee

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hi, readers. Just a short entry.

Since this semester is quite packed for me, I don't really have time to do things that I usually did before.. For example, kerap update blog, kerap blogwalking sambil komen mana-mana entri yang menarik perhatian, bertegur sapa dengan bloggermates on social media.. Seriously, I miss doing all those stuff. 

Alhamdulillah, few days back, after I submitted all the assignments (another 3 presentation left) before my study week next week, so I decided to take a few hours (many hours actually) to spend time on my beloved blog yang dah lama terbiar ni. Sorry. :(

Then, I found a simple blog while I was blogwalking. Blog yang sangat simple. Entri-entri yang the owner post ialah setiap art request yang dibuat sendiri olehnya. Ohh by the way, the owner's name is Lee. 

I'm interested on these art stuff eventough tak ada bakat seni langsung dalam diriku. haha

So, I leave my comment on one of the entry asking about the art request la kan.. At first, tak expect pun Lee akan reply. But, alhamdulillah, Lee respon.

Yang terharunya, dia bukan saja respon kat entri blog dia tau.. Dia respon on every social media yang dia boleh reach me. I'm touched.

When I attached my picture for the art request last night I expect yang mesti dia akan take time untuk buat.. Tapi tak.. Tup tuppp.. Hari ni dah siap. Sangatlah cepat..

Nice, isn't it?
For me, it is!

Then, I decide to use this art as my new header.. I started design, tak sampai setengah jam, I manage to change my old header to the new one! Alhamdulillah.. walaupun, I know my header tak sekreatif orang lain punya header, but I do satisfy laa kan.. Design sendiri yang mudah-mudah.. So, apa pendapat kalian tentang header baru blog yuyu atiqa? hehe

Dear readers, do VISIT and FOLLOW Lee's blog, fb page and instagram ya!

budoxe_lee (instagram)

Okay dah. Nak share pasal art ni motif utamanya.. hehe..
Gotta go.

Thanks for reading!

yuyu atiqa

♥ Salam ukhwah. Jazakallahukhairan. ♥


  1. simple yet nice header :)

    correction :....I usually did before...I miss doing all those stuff.

    hehe..rasa macam nak marking paper budak pulak.

    1. haha.. thank you sir!
      I mean, thank you for the correction!
      Hope to improve to better. :D

  2. Yay. Im glad you like it~
    Siap promote blog lagi.

  3. salam. first time singgah sini. salam kenal

    1. waalaikumussalam, raihanah..
      salam kenal. :)

  4. cantik dah tu.. cantik la dari blog kawe tuu. haha


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