Sep 30, 2012

The Concept of Ikhlas

Assalamualaikum wbt.

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The Concept of Ikhlas

A servant with sincerity is almost guaranteed
A place is paradise - in all eternity
A promise by Allah swt the most merciful
Disobeying this is only done by a fool

What does it take to be Ikhlas?
A definite top of the class
It's clear as a piece of glass
But Ikhlas requires sacrifice!

I is obviously for Intention
In whatever we do this makes the difference
A deed becomes an act of devotion
Simply for the sake of Allah swt without any addition

K as in knowledge
Iqra - the first revelation we acknowledged
The religion is both theory and practical
Assign to all capable nothing accidental

H is honesty
This is the beauty
Deeds done aplenty
Just for the love of Allah swt in simplicity

L is love, isn't this obvious?
A simple and small act not so laborious
When performed steadfastly
Yes, to Jannah so definitely!

A is animosity
Syaitan in close proximity
All the enmity an anxiety
Thus, beware of this enemy

S is sincerity
The way to purity
Is to cleanse the heart and body
Resulting in our Iman (faith) becoming sturdy

So does in Ikhlas, do you see?
A series steps to foresee
To get rid of the ignorance
And with a little forbearance - this will make the difference!

Thus before you set on anything
In Allah swt - You should think!
Sincerity in a blink
Insha'Allah to the Jannah for all your doings

- Qalamuddin -

* Umar Al-Khattab narrated that the Prophet Muhammad saw said : 

"Deeds are [ a result ] only of the intentions [ of the actor ], and an individual is [ rewarded ] only according to that which he intends. Therefore, whosoever has emigrated for the sake of Allah and His messenger, then his emigration was for Allah and His messenger. Whosoever emigrated for the sake of worldly gain, or a woman [ whom he desires ] to marry, then his emigration is for the sake of that which [ moved him ] to emigrate."   - Bukhari and Muslim -

* A'isha said that Rasulullah saw said :

" The deeds most loved by Allah swt [ are thoese ] done regularly, even if they are small."
- Bukhari and Muslim -

* "And syaitan said when the affair is completed. "surely Allah promised you a promise of Truth, and I promised you but I betrayed you, and I did not have upon you any power except that I called you and you listened to me so do not blame me but blame yourselves, and I cannot be a musrikh for you nor can you be musrikh for me. Surely I deny your making me partner from before. " Surely for the unjust is a painful punishment."   - Quran ( 14:22)

* The Prophet Muhammad saw said :

"There is an organ in the body, if it is good, the whole body will be good, and if it is bad, the whole body will become bad, verily it is the heart."

* The Prophet Muhammad saw said :

"Islam is explicit, and Imaan is in the heart, ( and then he pointed his hand to his chest and said ) taqwa is here."

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Salam sayang,
[ YuyuAtiqa ]

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