Thursday, November 10, 2011

Contest : Blog Ter- Comel !

Assalamualaikum & Hi readers !

Today I'm going to join a contest ! This is the second contest that I've joined. Perhaps, It still not my luck to win the first contest before. Seriously hope I could get a place to be one of the winner in this contest. By the way, If readers want to join this contest also can lorh ! You just need to click on the banner below! :D

Here are the conditions :

1. Make an entry at your blog which entitled " Contest : Blog Ter-Comel " . Next, post the banner above into your entry and tag three of your friends then linked to their blog !
2. When everything's done, don't forget to leave your entry's link here.

3. You may choose to follow Fatisya's Blog or not. If the contestants are less than 30, this contest will automatically cancelled .

( This contest STARTED on 7/11/11 and will be END on 19/11/11 )

Here are the prizes :

First place :

Rm20 topup (maxis/celcom/digi )

Second place :

Rm15 topup ( maxis/celcom/digi )

Third place :

Rm10 topup ( maxis/celcom/digi )

# okay readers, I'll stop here first ! I hope that I can be one of the winners !
InshaAllah... Thankssss !

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Much love,

♥ Salam ukhwah. Jazakallahukhairan. ♥


  1. teringin nak join tp blog x berapa comel la plak.. hehe.. comel blog awak.. gud luck

  2. go0d luck dear.. :)..thnkzz sbb sudi singgah blog temoyo...hhehe..xde shoutmix la plk 2 g komen kt awk pon cntik jugaa..^_^


I thank you for the comment. Have a nice day. ^^