Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beza Cinta, Sayang, Minat dan Suka

Assalamualaikum readers...

Hari ni nak cerita tentang perbezaan antara CINTA, SAYANG, MINAT & SUKA !

CINTA – Kita memang mengharapkan dia menjadi milik kita. Segala apa yang kita buat, kalau buleh nak dia tahu.. dan kita sebuleh mungkin tak nak sakitkan hati dia. kita akan sentiasa berfikir tentang dirinya. Dalam erti lain : cinta di tujukan kepada seseorang yg kita selalu ingat dan mimpi, tanpanya kita akan rasa sunyi dan kita cintakan sepenuh jiwa dengan hati yg ikhlas kepadanya walaupun dia buat tak tau.

SAYANG - kita akan sayangkan seseorang yang menjadi TELINGA kepada masalah kita. Dalam erti lain : sayang di tujukan kepada seseorang yang boleh membuangkan masa dia untuk mendengar dan memeningkan kepalanya dgn masalah kita dan kita jugak boleh menyakitkan hati dia kerana kita bukannya cinta kepadanya.

SUKA – Kita sukakan dia kerana dia kelakar. Dia happy-go-lucky. Bila bersama dengan dia, kita rasa nak tergelak sampai nak pecah perut. Tapi, kita taklah rindu sangat kat dia bila tak berjumpa seminggu. Dan dalam erti lain : suka di tujukan kepada seseorang yang boleh menjadi pelawak kepada kita. Kita akan suruh dia diam sekirangnya keng kita dah nak pecah.

MINAT – Apa sesuatu pada dirinya yang menarik kita untuk mendekatinya. Erti lain : minat ditujukan kepada seseorang yang ada sifat, peribadi atau barang yang kita mahukan.

Tetapi kita kena ingat bahawa tanpa minat , suka dan sayang kita tidak akan CINTA pada seseorang itu.

Salam sayang,

♥ Salam ukhwah. Jazakallahukhairan. ♥

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Contest : Blog Ter- Comel !

Assalamualaikum & Hi readers !

Today I'm going to join a contest ! This is the second contest that I've joined. Perhaps, It still not my luck to win the first contest before. Seriously hope I could get a place to be one of the winner in this contest. By the way, If readers want to join this contest also can lorh ! You just need to click on the banner below! :D

Here are the conditions :

1. Make an entry at your blog which entitled " Contest : Blog Ter-Comel " . Next, post the banner above into your entry and tag three of your friends then linked to their blog !
2. When everything's done, don't forget to leave your entry's link here.

3. You may choose to follow Fatisya's Blog or not. If the contestants are less than 30, this contest will automatically cancelled .

( This contest STARTED on 7/11/11 and will be END on 19/11/11 )

Here are the prizes :

First place :

Rm20 topup (maxis/celcom/digi )

Second place :

Rm15 topup ( maxis/celcom/digi )

Third place :

Rm10 topup ( maxis/celcom/digi )

# okay readers, I'll stop here first ! I hope that I can be one of the winners !
InshaAllah... Thankssss !

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♥ Salam ukhwah. Jazakallahukhairan. ♥

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

3 events in 1 Day !

Assalamualaikum and Hi readers !
Today I have another entry to share. It's about all the events took place at my school this morning. First, the return of my textbooks at SPBT Room. Second, celebrated the new principal of my school. Third, I have been the emcee for PSS's year-end banquet for 2011 session. Huh ! What a rather tiring day! Huhuhu. Despite it's drizzle this morning, Alhamdulillah all the events were run smoothly. Thanked God I was able to perform my duty properly. Alhamdulillah... Okay readers, here are some pictures to share with you ...

SPM is just around the corner! It's less than 14 days.Wish me luck !
Nothing much to say. That's all for this entry.
Thanks for reading !

Much love,

♥ Salam ukhwah. Jazakallahukhairan. ♥